Friday, 11 May 2012

Virtual Call Centres & Home Working for Increased Flexibility

Flexible working is increasingly popular as advances in technology means virtual call centres and home working are a reality. To find out more visit s

Flexible working in the UK has risen dramatically as home-working becomes increasingly popular. Employees across different sectors and industries have embraced home working to accommodate employees' lifestyles and family demands. And the emergence of the virtual contact centre means that home working in the call centre sector is a reality too.

Virtual Call Centres & Home Working

Employers are increasingly expected to offer versatility and flexible working hours. And a study by the Confederation of British Industry shows that employers are responding to this demand, with 46% of those surveyed saying they offered remote working opportunities for their employees. In 2004, this figure stood at just 11% and two years later, 14%, but improvements in technology and software systems in the contact centre industry means virtual call centres and home working is increasingly run-of-the-mill.

Flexibility in the Contact Centre Industry

The need for flexibility at work means examining the systems and resources the contact centre industry has. Maintaining consistent quality and standards of service is crucial. And yet the figures show that flexible working patterns have boomed, with term-time working and job sharing featuring more prominently in the call centre industry.

Home Working Trends 'Can Only Grow'

Although employees traditionally had a fight on their hands in most cases if they wanted to opt for flexible working – virtual call centres have changed all that. More contact centre employers are recognising tele-working has a multitude of benefits – cutting out the commute means less stress for their staff and a reduction in carbon emissions, and home working with virtual call centres allows staff to have a better work-life balance when it comes to meeting family as well as work commitments. The deputy director-general of the Confederation of British Industry predicts: “As technology becomes more reliable and widely available, this trend can only grow.”

Virtual Call Centre Technology

Ensuring staff working in virtual call centre and who opt for home working have the right systems in place is crucial to ensure quality phone calls over an IP network wherever the agent is based.
Technology company Psytechnics’ CEO Anthony Finbow said it’s now more important than ever to ensure staff have the right systems in place to work from home: “Companies must ensure that staff are able to make quality phone and video calls over an IP network wherever they are based.” Embracing technology is crucial for virtual call centres and home working to maintain quality.

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