Friday, 11 May 2012

Call Centre Siting and Location – Northern Ireland is Booming

When thinking about call centre siting and location, Northern Ireland is “cheapest for recruitment in the UK”, but that is not the only reason to set up a call centre in Northern Ireland. To find out more visit

According to international recruitment firm Beeswax, Northern Ireland is the “UK's cheapest region for hiring staff”.  The average salary paid to a customer service agent in Belfast is around £13,000, and the average salary for a team leader would be around £19,000, making it prime for call centre siting and location. 

Businesses should know that call centre siting and location really does matter - and for the right reasons, certain areas have proved to be more popular than others.

But it's not just cheap wages that makes the extremely popular call centre location, Northern Ireland flourish in the telemarketing industry.  The region is rich with multi-lingual speakers who are fluent in French, Italian, German and Spanish.  This diverse and extremely cultured population provide an advanced service that other regions cannot. 

Call centre siting and location can affect so many aspects of a business including staff wages and quality of staff.  Is your call centre in a prime business location?  Is it close to amenities?  Is there nearby access to public transport? 

Regional accents should also be considered when thinking about ideal call centre siting - and location within a region will also affect the way a business performs.  The Yorkshire accent was once deemed the accent of choice for call centres and Leeds is one the UK's largest centres for telephone-based customers services.  Leeds is home to First Direct, Britain’s first 24 hour telephone banking service, and there are call centre operations in several sectors of the economy, including financial services, retail and customer services management, telecommunications, breakdown services and utilities.

Today, Northern Ireland is booming in the contact centre industry and is an ideal call centre location for many businesses in the UK.  While some predict that this cash cow will inevitably go into a steady decline, those involved in the industry are confident that it can avoid the outsourcing fatigue suffered by many other regions. 

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