Friday, 11 May 2012

Diallers – Regulations Not Met

With only 40 per cent of respondents using Software Diallers tracking silent calls at campaign level, abandon and silent calls continue to be an ongoing problem. To find out more visit

As detailed by the Professional Planning Forum last month, respondents using Software Diallers are  posing compliance issues with silent and abandon calls in the UK. 

A number of changes in the telemarketing sector summoned industry bodies such as Ofcom, the Direct Marketing Association and contact centre managers  to discuss the latest issues, new technology and key challenges facing the sector.  A burning issue on how to execute best practice with Software Diallers was also a hot topic of review. 

Research presented by the Professional Planning Forum at last month's National Outbound Forum   tells us that essential measures for meeting Ofcom's regulations are not being actioned.  The research revealed that only 40 per cent of respondents using Software Diallers were tracking abandon calls at campaign level – this means that silent calls still remain a big compliance issue today.

In order to comply with the regulations set by Ofcom, abandon and silent calls need to be tracked efficiently, but no-one using in-house diallers could supply this data - although all respondents with a hard dialler were able to track abandon calls at this level, and many were doing so. 

In addition to the 43 per cent drop in 2008, a further 14 per cent decrease of respondents using manual methods has resulted in the sudden uptake of Software Diallers in this sector.  This could explain the 40 per cent discrepancy in available data and compliance with Ofcom's regulations. 

Software Diallers and the world of outbound technology still has a long way to go in order to rectify its outstanding compliance issues. 

Achieving the Best Practice with Outbound Diallers

Further findings from the latest  National Outbound Forum:

  • 31 per cent of respondents using Software Diallers now plan their outbound calling This is up from 14 per cent in 2008, but it still means that a sixth of respondents do not plan for this function
  • Outbound operations still tend to be smaller than their inbound counterparts with 38 per cent of respondents running centres less than 30 FTE
  • The role of an outbound planner is still very specialist with 78 per cent of respondents having between 1 and 2 outbound planners
  • There is no change in the proportion of centres considering the use of outbound text messaging, despite regulatory clarification from Ofcom
  • Blending of inbound and outbound calls remains a key challenge in contact centres. For 39 per cent of respondents this is not yet achieved


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