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Compensation Solicitor: Orthopaedic Injuries

A compensation solicitor can help you to claim a financial award to help with treatment for your orthopaedic injuries. To find out more visit

Many accidents can result in injuries which require attention from orthopaedic specialists. Orthopaedic surgeons and doctors concentrate on injuries and disorders to the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. In fact, statistics suggest that over 80% of road traffic accident victims suffer from a serious orthopaedic injury, and that an orthopaedic problem that is misdiagnosed or mistreated can result in lifelong problems for the patient.

It is for this reason that many of the cases that are seen by a compensation solicitor involve orthopaedic injuries. These can include single or multiple fractures, including skull, leg, pelvic and rib; pain caused by spinal or other back or neck injuries and shoulder and arm problems. All of these can cause significant pain to the sufferer and restrict their movement and ability to work.

If you have suffered a serious orthopaedic injury, it is likely that you will be referred to an orthopaedic consultant for treatment or possible surgery. If this is the case, and you are considering a claim for compensation, then you should keep a note of the date you saw your doctor originally, together with the date you were referred to a specialist and the dates that you have seen him or her. This will help your compensation solicitor to establish a time-line for your injury and to show that you have made a significant effort to resolve the problem.

You should also keep a diary or a brief written account which shows how your injury is restricting your day-to-day lifestyle. If it is stopping you carrying out your job properly, or you cannot perform everyday chores or movements, then your accounts will be included as part of your claim, showing that the injury is adversely affecting your life.

Our compensation solicitor can advise you on whether you have a strong case for a financial award following your accident. If you decide to go ahead and pursue a claim, we can put together the relevant documentation and contact third parties on your behalf. For more information on how we can help, or to talk through your orthopaedic problems and assess your chances of success, please give us a call.

Compensation Solicitor: Negligence

If you think you may have been the victim of medical, industrial or any other form of negligence, you should contact a compensation solicitor. To find out more visit

The Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines negligence as “a lack of proper care an attention”, and “breach of a duty of care which results in damage.”

There are far more complex legal definitions of negligence, but these two explain in general terms the reasons why you could be a victim of negligence in the workplace, in a public area or from a professional service.

One of the most common forms of negligence, and the one which often sparks compensation cases, is medical negligence. The failure of a trained professional, such as a doctor, nurse or dentist, to perform a procedure safely and correctly can result in significant problems for the patient. Similarly, if hospital or clinic maintenance and cleaning programmes are not properly planned or implemented, the managers can be regarded as being negligent in failing to protect members of the public and their own staff against accident or infection.

The results of medical negligence can be devastating, and include:

-          Loss of earnings, due to inability to carry on with past profession
-          Loss of quality of life
-          Medical and legal expenses
-          Cost of equipment needed to improve mobility or to adapt the home
-          Psychological damage
-          Costs of future care

If you can show that your accident or medical problems have been caused by negligence, you may be entitled to compensation which will help to cover the costs you are incurring because of your condition, or difficulties. Choosing an experienced compensation solicitor means that you will have expert assistance in preparing and arguing your case. There are many firms advertising locally and nationally where your claim will not be handled by a fully-qualified solicitor with experience in preparing the documentation and talking to witnesses that is necessary for a case to be successful. These companies may also take a large percentage of your award if they are successful, leaving you with less than you need to meet your requirements.

A compensation solicitor, who is regulated by the Law Society and is dedicated to pursuing compensation where a genuine case is concerned, is your best chance of getting the compensation amounts you need without having to pay huge legal fees or surrender part of your award.

Compensation Solicitor: Employment Claims

You can claim compensation for a range of employment issues whether unfairly dismissed or suffered injury and sickness as the result of your working environment. Employers are required to provide a safe working environment whether carrying out health and safety checks or carrying out a legionella risk assessment, if they fail to do so they can be held liable.

Employment law is a complicated field and claiming against your employers or previous employers for perceived problems can be difficult. There are many cases, however, where it is important to make a claim for employment issues, not only to redress the immediate problem, but also to ensure that bad practices are stopped and that employers take their responsibilities seriously.

There are many areas of employment law where you can challenge your employer, but the most common reasons for hiring a compensation solicitor are:

Ÿ     Unfair Dismissal
Ÿ     Wrongful Dismissal
Ÿ     Discrimination
Ÿ     Work Rights
Ÿ     Maternity Rights
Ÿ     Sick Pay

Of these, the top three are the reason most people decide to contact a compensation solicitor.

Unfair Dismissal and Wrongful Dismissal are two separate areas of law. Wrongful Dismissal relates to dismissal where the contractual obligations of the employer have not been followed, whereas Unfair Dismissal covers all other areas of dismissal. Discrimination can come in many forms, whether it is by gender, religion, sexual orientation or race. In all circumstances, a strong case must be made, as many companies choose to defend legal action and cases often go to an employment tribunal, where settlement in the case is decided by a third party.

If possible, it is preferable to settle the case before the employment tribunal. This saves costs for both parties and reduces the stress for the plaintiff. Settlements don’t have to be purely monetary. If you have sued for unfair dismissal, your employer may choose to offer you the job again, or to offer you a different job in the same company. They may include specialist training or offer to fund college courses in order for you to improve your skills.

If you want to go back to work for your existing employer, it is important that you approach any negotiations and discussions in a positive and non-aggressive manner. This may increase your chances of your employer making a settlement that allows you to return to work with the least possible animosity between you. Appointing a professional compensation solicitor to help you in this process could mean that it takes less time and that you gain a better settlement.

Office Design – Striking the Right Note with your Office Design

With office design, as with most things in life, first impressions are of paramount importance. When entertaining clients, one of the first things that they will notice is your office design and if you have a poorly conceived workplace, it will not reflect well. To find out more visit
It goes without saying that office design has a massively important role to play in the modern business world and, with vast numbers of business meetings taking place in the office environment, it is imperative to set the right tone with your office design in order to create the right visual impact to impress your clients and to provide a workspace that gets the most out of your employees in terms of productivity, managing workloads and overall happiness. There are many office design tips that can be followed when it comes to making the most of the space which is available in your work environment and most corporations will turn to professional office design experts in order to ensure that all their design principles are utilised and that the end result is an office space that really does stand out from the crowd. Most contemporary office design focuses on open and communicative work spaces and this is something that is usually achieved through decluttering the work environment.
Office Design – Getting the Right Balance
It is important when it comes to office design to strike the right balance between creating a visually striking workplace and ensuring that the workspace remains functional. It is all well and good having an office space that looks spectacular but if this is done by jeopardising the functionality of the workspace, then this really is a counterproductive move. As such, it is little wonder that most businesses will turn to office design professionals in order to make sure that a successful balance between the two is reached and they achieve a workspace that really does tick all the right boxes. Office design needn’t be a stringent, generic type procedure, there is still plenty of opportunity for creativity within office design and there is no need to create a work environment that is a carbon copy of so many other offices out there.
Office Design – Setting the Right Tone
Obviously, the style of office design that you opt for should reflect the type of business that you operate. For example, the office design for an upscale law firm shouldn’t have all manner of contemporary gadgets and so forth throughout the office. Most office design professionals would suggest a more classical design for this manner of business and it is a good idea to speak to experts in the field in order to get the best results.

Improve Workflow with Feng Shui Office Design

When it comes to office design and office refurbishment, one of the most popular and commonly utilised design techniques is that of feng shui. Office design is becoming increasingly contemporary and many offices adopt new age techniques. To find out more visit
Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method which is thought to help achieve harmony, so, it isn’t difficult to see why many workplaces have chosen to incorporate feng shui principles into their office design. There are many different ways in which to introduce feng shui ideals into an office design or office refurbishment and most experts in the field of office design will listen to your requirements and dovetail it successfully into the finished product in terms of the overall office design. Feng shui refers to how you utilise space and items in order to facilitate a free flowing energy and this is a principle that has struck a chord with many modern office design companies who want to provide their clients with a workspace which assists in creating highly motivated and, more importantly, extremely productive workers. Feng shui is a basic form of design but one that is increasing in popularity all the time and more and more companies are choosing to utilise some form of feng shui when it comes to office refurbishment and office design.
Office Design – Making the Elements Work for you
The overriding principle underpinning feng shui in terms of office design is making use of the elements in order to enhance one’s chi and, in turn, help to make this employee more productive than would otherwise be the case. Feng shui is a very popular form of office design and generally incorporates the elements of light, touch, colour, water, smell and a variety of other aspects to generate an altogether more pleasant working environment for employees. Any office design that intends to utilise feng shui principles will invariably need to include wood, fire, water, metal and earth elements and given the materials that are now available to office design professionals, this is something that is quite feasible and can certainly create an extremely striking visual impact and pleasurable workspace.
Office Design – Helping Employees Work to an Optimal Level
In the world of modern business, few things are more important than productivity and this is something that can really get a shot in the arm through a well thought out office design proposal. Many businesses undergo office refurbishment each year and it is a good idea to speak to office design professionals and work together to create a finished product that will be of benefit to you and your employees.

Poor Office Design Costing Companies Billions

Office design is such a critical aspect of modern work and, according to a report on World Architecture News, as much as £10.5 billion is wasted each year through poor office design. It is important to speak to experts to get design in your office space for rent London just right.

It may be misunderstood just how much influence office design has on elements such as productivity and motivation of employees but with research suggesting that a staggering £10.5 billion is lost by London businesses alone from having poor office design layouts will certainly play its part in bringing the issue of office design to the forefront of most corporation’s thinking. Office design obviously encompasses many different facets and it is imperative to seek out the knowledge base of office design specialist when it comes to facilitating the best use of your work space. According to the report on World Architecture News and research from Gensler, badly planned and implemented office design is one of the biggest factors in lost revenue from London businesses each year and by focusing more intensely on getting office design right will certainly begin to yield tangible benefits in the long run. Office design helps to promote a happy work environment in a number of ways and it is also important to realise the ways in which poorly designed office space has the opposite effect.
Office Design – Making Use of the Space
According to the research provided by Gensler, as much as 45% of office space remains unused and this is something that needs to be addressed if endeavours to prevent the haemorrhaging of billions in wasted revenue are to be rectified. Office design experts will invariably make use of all the available space in a business premises. In addition to this, the research suggested that as many as two-thirds of workers in the capital are displeased with their current office environment. As such, it becomes extremely important to consult office workers before bringing in office design professionals to refurbish your workspace.
Office Design – The Potential to Make a Massive Difference
Office design is increasingly becoming the cornerstone of a streamlined and high performance business and, according to the research from Gensler, promoting better office design and use of space in workplaces throughout the UK could actually increase revenue of businesses in the UK by as much as £145 billion per year. As such, it is impossible not to see just how critical it is to get office design right, which explains why more and more corporations are turning to office design professionals to ensure they have all the facets for a productive and motivated workforce.

Promotional Gifts for your Association

From large professional associations to amateur dramatics groups, promotional items are a key way of raising profile and revenue simultaneously. To find out more visit

It is estimated that there are around 400 professional associations in the UK, representing approximately six million professional people. These are mainly large organisations like the Law Society, the Institute of Directors and the British Medical Association. In all cases, these bodies charge fees for membership and offer a range of publications, meeting places and services to members. Belonging to the association can be an important part of your career progress, and you will want others to know that you belong.

In addition to the professional organisations, there are many other bodies that use promotional merchandise. Universities are well-known for have moved beyond the traditional scarf and tie in university colours, and producing a wide range of items, both for current students and alumni. The increase in the number of universities has meant that this market has increased significantly over the last 10 years.

Other bodies such as the National Trust offer a range of bespoke products which are available to their members. Whilst these organisations produce sales catalogues of their own that include non-branded gifts, there is usually a range of products bearing their logo. In cases of charities such as Cancer Research or the British Heart Foundation, these products are vital in maintaining their brand awareness and increasing donations to their cause.

Amateur associations may not have as wide-ranging a collection of gifts, but often invest in ties, lapel badges or key rings. Whether for performance purposes, or for sale at local events, they create the same sense of belonging for their members as the larger organisations and can generate much-needed revenue.

All these organisations will have a range of promotional items. For some, it may just be a tie-pin or lapel badge, but others will offer ties, scarves, mugs, jewellery, clothing, desktop items and much more. If your association, club or society is considering investing in promotional gifts or retail items, then contact us to request a catalogue or just to discuss your needs. At Korporate Creations, we can advise you on the best quantities for your membership, and help you to select the products that are right for you.