Friday, 11 May 2012

Top Reasons to Choose Eco Friendly Lanyards

Company promotion can take up a lot of resources which can be potentially damaging to the environment so it helps to choose to use products and promotional paraphernalia that is eco friendly or made from recycled materials. Lanyards are widely used by large and small businesses to hang identity cards from and to promote company logos. Whatever your business, there are some great reasons to choose eco friendly lanyards that help your corporate image whilst you do your bit for the environment.

Good CSR – It is good corporate social responsibility to do your bit for the environment when you are using extensive resources. People generally like to purchase things from companies they believe are ethical and attempting to benefit society. By actively engaging with a cause like eco friendly business practices, you are automatically giving yourself an edge over competitors who choose not to.
Get Noticed – Ethical companies that advertise their eco friendly approach to business are more likely to get noticed and benefit from positive exposure than those who waste excessively and seem not to care about the consequences of their actions. Eco friendly lanyards with your logo could help you get noticed for the right reasons.
Help Environment – The main reason to choose eco friendly lanyards is to benefit the environment. Wasting less resources and using lanyards made from recycled materials could reduce your personal impact on the environment. Look for a company that offers lanyards made from recycled materials and are again recyclable after you are through with them.
If you are looking for lanyards or eco friendly promotional products to benefit your business, you can find a range of options to suit your budget at Lanyard Factory. From pens and passes, to wristbands and cardholders; their expert knowledge can help pick the most suitable products for you. To find out more visit the Lanyard Factory UK website.

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