Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Office Furniture – Why the Home Office can Be Dangerous


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 If you work from home and sit at your computer for hours on end, you need to ensure you have ergonomic office furniture. It is important to look for professional office furniture suppliers that can accommodate your needs. Offices should be about security, safety and style. Just as offices understand the importance of confidential shredding in the workplace, the safety and health of employees and visiting customers is crucial also.

Home office furniture – Be ergonomic

Ergonomics may sound like a kind of theoretical science or obscure economic theory, but it’s quite simply about investing in the right kind of office furniture. If you work from home, chances are you could be using a dining room chair or slouching on the sofa with your wireless enabled laptop and not using proper office furniture. Many home workers don’t look after their posture or have ergonomic office furniture however and are more likely huddled in the spare room in a frenzied mess. But did you know that the home workplace is covered by health and safety regulations? The right office furniture is just as important at home.

Office furniture producers and ergonomics

Ergonomics experts are often employed by office furniture producers, and have expressed concern about the lack of control over home work environments. One common problem for home workers is that they overwork to prove to their boss they are more constructive – but they can suffer more sick days as a result of using non-ergonomic office furniture.

Don’t let a lack of office equipment stop you

There are many benefits of home working for the employee and employer including flexibility and more job satisfaction, so why let office equipment stand in the way? Ergonomics - comfort and functionality as well as aesthetics and style are now crucial to office furniture manufacturers.

What do you need to consider when buying office furniture?

  • Keyboard – if you use a laptop at home, invest in an external keyboard and even an external monitor. The ideal position is to have your hands above the keyboard and your monitor should be at arms length, 10cm below eye level. You can invest in office furniture accessories to help get your posture right including foot rests and monitor stands.
  • Office furniture such as adjustable desks and chairs are crucial. Ergonomic experts advise that you should spend an hour at your desk and then do something else and move around. Don’t sit in the same position all day. Did you know you shrink by two and a half centimetres by the end of the day? You should adjust your office furniture too.
  • Invest in wrist rests and mouse support mats.

All of this stresses the need for adequate office furniture and a dedicated work space in the home – not the dining room table or kitchen chair.

Be warned – Invest in office furniture

Sandra Deeble is a writer who didn’t think twice about her work station and office furniture when she first starting writing from home. But a few years later, she developed back problems from neglect, lack of awareness and inadequate office furniture. Not only does pain and discomfort affect home workers – it could end up damaging their career if they suffer severe back and wrist problems such as repetitive strain injuries. Don’t make the same mistake – if you work from home, make sure you invest in ergonomic office furniture.

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