Monday, 16 January 2012

Call Centre Services – Outsource with Confidence

During the financial turmoil, many companies in the UK are outsourcing their call centre services in order to cut back on spending, but in order to manage quality control, off-shoring is something to be avoided. 

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 The recession has seen companies desperately searching for cost-effective solutions to their sales and customer service requirements.  Although businesses, big and small, have needed to cut back on their spending, most of them still realise the importance of customer care, customer insight and marketing investment. When you have to reduce expenditure, you soon realise the essentials that you cannot afford to give up. From confidential waste disposal - to customer service Call centre services have been urgently required, but do companies really have the resources?

Outsourcing call centre services can provide an off-site solution to excellent customer care.  The growth of call centre services being outsourced has grown incredibly over the last two years.

Why Outsource Call Centre Services? 

Recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming process.  During a period when time and money are more precious than ever, outsourcing call centre services means that there are no recruitment costs, training costs, and no disruptions in the office with applications and interviews. 

Some companies make the mistake of cutting back costs in vital areas of the business. The smart ones know where to find bargains like contract phones with free laptop - During a recession, it is more important than ever to strive for customer loyalty and customer retention. Call centre services can provide quality-implemented levels of customer care which help to build lasting customer relationships.

Professional call centre services in the UK can cover so many aspects of customer services, including call handling, outbound sales calls, order processing and market research. 

Call Centre Services – Avoid Off-shoring

One solution to call centre services is “off-shoring”.  Off-shoring is outsourcing cheap labour overseas, and even though it is the cheapest solution, it can often compromise on quality.  There have also been recent reports by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) that off-shoring is extremely risky and is more likely to lead to financial crime

In order to get cost-effective call centre services that can enhance customer relationships, call centre services need to provide good quality management, self-regulation and abide by outbound and inbound guidelines. 


  1. Outsourcing has its own advantages and risks involved, so companies that are planning to undergo such process should balance between the cost and security assurance in every outsourcing firm. Also, quality service backed with reasonable expenses should be prioritized in order to become successful.

    Sonia Roody

  2. What’s great about call center outsourcing is that it provides your business with the advantage of the latest innovations that an outsourced call center can offer. Outsourced call centers usually use the most up-to-date customer relationship management tools to get the best in customer service. Because of the technologies they utilize, there is better interaction between you and your customer and wider target market is obtained.

    Noreen Clay