Monday, 16 January 2012

Office Refurbishment – The ideal office

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When it comes to office improvements – pets, office furniture that doesn’t give you back ache and frothy coffees are all top of the list. More and more businesses are thinking about Area Sq office interiors and office refurbishment London to help them create the ideal office environment that promotes wellbeing and productivity.

 Comfortable office furniture If only offices were nicer places to be we’d all work a lot harder, right? If the office furniture was as comfortable as our home sofas and there were flower pots, coffee machines, widescreen TVs and a football machine in the corner, we’d all love going to work. The office pet Pets came high on the list for the ideal office – and they weren’t referring to Colin in IT.

A survey by a major recruitment firm found that the top things that would make the office a more congenial place to be include:

Pets- an office pet such as a hamster or parrot were thought to make the office a happier place to be. Although if you’re office already has issues about who doesn’t wash up their coffee mug, than cleaning out the hamster might not be as harmonious as staff think.

• Office furniture that doesn’t make your back ache. Good office furniture can make the difference between agony and productivity. How can you be productive if you sit on office furniture that leaves you crippled?

• Games and consoles and even big screen TVs would all turn an office into a dream office.

• A cappuccino machine – with the chocolate bits on top would be too good to be true.

Love your office Although many ideal offices do belong in the world of dreams there are some simple and effective things that would make the office a better place to be.

• 80% of people questioned said redecoration would hugely improve the atmosphere. Refurbishing with comfortable and attractive office furniture can help lift spirits.

• More natural light and proper ventilation also helps create a relaxed and healthy office place.

 • The lack of office furniture that was ergonomic was also a big gripe – if the office furniture caused back problems or was uncomfortable that created resentment amongst staff. One respondent to the survey said ‘beer on tap and a huge Scalextrix kit would brighten my day’.

Although for many the ideal office would be a hip bar on a Friday night or a version of their favourite coffee bar, the reality is the office needs to be conducive to work and productivity. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a draconian place to be. The right office furniture and a few human touches can make all the difference.

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