Monday, 16 January 2012

Worcester Boilers to Advise the Government

The UK Government is being advised on environmental issues by Worcester Boilers, of the Worcester Bosch Group, and their contribution and knowledge in boilers is working towards three key targets in 2020.

Boiler Spares
The combined boilers manufacturer has reported that an incredible 75% of energy used in the home is used for heating and hot water. The 2010 International Year of Biodiversity has raised awareness about energy efficiency in the home, and this includes the installation of efficient boilers and the importance of replacing items with boiler spares.

By 2020, the UK Government wants to meet the European Union targets of:

      20% carbon emission reduction
      Similarly, a 20% increase in energy efficiency

We are a proud reseller of Worcester boilers, and they have always been recognised for their Corporate Social Responsibility, with their Head of Sustainable Development winning the Micropower Outstanding Personal Contribution Award in 2009 - and we hope that together we can all contribute to Europe's environmental targets. Another one of the UK Government’s objectives is to make up 15% of the country’s energy sources with renewable ones.

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