Friday, 23 March 2012

Desktop Promotional Gifts

There’s a wide range of promotional gifts available for the desktop - from the humble pencil to quality executive gifts. Choosing the right office supplies for your campaign can be hard when faced with such a choice.

Desktop gifts range from the useful, to the wacky to the prestige, but they all have one thing in common; they are designed to have maximum brand impact on the person whose desk they sit on.  On average, people spend 75% of their working time sitting at their desk. Whilst they are often unaware of the impact that their desk items have on them, it’s easy to see how using a branded mouse-mat, drinks mat or notepad could help establish your brand.

Try to choose a desktop gift that is both useful and has a long life. Note-blocks are excellent - they can be printed with your message and the large blocks have several hundred sheets. Longevity also applies to static desk items such as the mouse-mat, or even a branded mouse. Large desk-pads can also be useful, giving plenty of space for notes, telephone messages and diary assistance. You know you’ve hit on a useful product if your clients call you to say your gift’s run out, and ask if you have any spares.

Diaries and calendars are always popular gifts to give at the end of the year. Remember though, that you probably won’t be the only one giving this type of gift; you need to be posting them out at the end of November, which means ordering them in the Summer to leave plenty of time for proofing and printing. Find out what sort of diaries are most useful for your clients - pocket, A5 or A4, and look at dairies that include useful information such as distance calculators and road maps. If you find a format that’s popular with your clients, then they will wait for your diary to come in the following year.

Executive gifts such as business card holders, mobile phone stands, letter openers and clocks are all useful desktop items.  Choose elegant and unusual models, that clients will be happy to put on their desks and show to others. These type of executive gifts are given at the end of individual client meetings, to mark a successful deal, or to thank the client for loyalty to your product or service. Not only will a good corporate gift reinforce your brand to the client, it also reflects your attitude to your client relationships and strengthens the business link between you.


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