Friday, 23 March 2012

Promotional Gifts for your Association

From large professional associations to amateur dramatics groups, promotional items are a key way of raising profile and revenue simultaneously. To find out more visit

It is estimated that there are around 400 professional associations in the UK, representing approximately six million professional people. These are mainly large organisations like the Law Society, the Institute of Directors and the British Medical Association. In all cases, these bodies charge fees for membership and offer a range of publications, meeting places and services to members. Belonging to the association can be an important part of your career progress, and you will want others to know that you belong.

In addition to the professional organisations, there are many other bodies that use promotional merchandise. Universities are well-known for have moved beyond the traditional scarf and tie in university colours, and producing a wide range of items, both for current students and alumni. The increase in the number of universities has meant that this market has increased significantly over the last 10 years.

Other bodies such as the National Trust offer a range of bespoke products which are available to their members. Whilst these organisations produce sales catalogues of their own that include non-branded gifts, there is usually a range of products bearing their logo. In cases of charities such as Cancer Research or the British Heart Foundation, these products are vital in maintaining their brand awareness and increasing donations to their cause.

Amateur associations may not have as wide-ranging a collection of gifts, but often invest in ties, lapel badges or key rings. Whether for performance purposes, or for sale at local events, they create the same sense of belonging for their members as the larger organisations and can generate much-needed revenue.

All these organisations will have a range of promotional items. For some, it may just be a tie-pin or lapel badge, but others will offer ties, scarves, mugs, jewellery, clothing, desktop items and much more. If your association, club or society is considering investing in promotional gifts or retail items, then contact us to request a catalogue or just to discuss your needs. At Korporate Creations, we can advise you on the best quantities for your membership, and help you to select the products that are right for you.


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