Friday, 23 March 2012

Poor Office Design Costing Companies Billions

Office design is such a critical aspect of modern work and, according to a report on World Architecture News, as much as £10.5 billion is wasted each year through poor office design. It is important to speak to experts to get design in your office space for rent London just right.

It may be misunderstood just how much influence office design has on elements such as productivity and motivation of employees but with research suggesting that a staggering £10.5 billion is lost by London businesses alone from having poor office design layouts will certainly play its part in bringing the issue of office design to the forefront of most corporation’s thinking. Office design obviously encompasses many different facets and it is imperative to seek out the knowledge base of office design specialist when it comes to facilitating the best use of your work space. According to the report on World Architecture News and research from Gensler, badly planned and implemented office design is one of the biggest factors in lost revenue from London businesses each year and by focusing more intensely on getting office design right will certainly begin to yield tangible benefits in the long run. Office design helps to promote a happy work environment in a number of ways and it is also important to realise the ways in which poorly designed office space has the opposite effect.
Office Design – Making Use of the Space
According to the research provided by Gensler, as much as 45% of office space remains unused and this is something that needs to be addressed if endeavours to prevent the haemorrhaging of billions in wasted revenue are to be rectified. Office design experts will invariably make use of all the available space in a business premises. In addition to this, the research suggested that as many as two-thirds of workers in the capital are displeased with their current office environment. As such, it becomes extremely important to consult office workers before bringing in office design professionals to refurbish your workspace.
Office Design – The Potential to Make a Massive Difference
Office design is increasingly becoming the cornerstone of a streamlined and high performance business and, according to the research from Gensler, promoting better office design and use of space in workplaces throughout the UK could actually increase revenue of businesses in the UK by as much as £145 billion per year. As such, it is impossible not to see just how critical it is to get office design right, which explains why more and more corporations are turning to office design professionals to ensure they have all the facets for a productive and motivated workforce.

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