Thursday, 2 August 2012

Commercial and business signs: What they say about you

If you are thinking about getting a new commercial or business sign, make sure you choose carefully

As a businessman, have you ever stopped to consider what your business sign says about your company? Commercial and business signs have a lot more impact on people’s impression of your company than you may think. If you think about it, we make judgements subconsciously or consciously about names all the time; we are probably all guilty of making prejudging a person simply because of what their name is; there may even be situations when we actively choose certain people over others because we think they have a better-sounding name.

When it comes to commercial and business signs and health & safety signs, we are no different. That’s why it’s important if you are a business owner to look objectively at your sign and graphics to see whether they convey the image you want. Commercial and business signs are one of the main ways that passers by become aware of a business. In fact, small, independent businesses will pretty much rely on this as a way of getting noticed, so it’s vital that the business sign reflects not only what sort of company you are, but also the type of work culture you have.

It goes without saying that you whatever type of commercial or business sign you have, you should always keep it well maintained and looking smart. Your business sign is the first thing that customers see, even before the front door, so it should be kept clean and cared for at all times. Having a shabby, unkempt sign in front of your building will tell customers or clients that you don’t care about your business, making a good impression or paying attention to detail.

Commercial and business signs – what you should consider

Whether you are starting a new business and you need a business sign or you are assessing the efficacy of your current commercial sign, here are some general points to consider:

  • Target audience - A sign with a business name only is designed to create awareness of the company and to identify its location, whereas an “On Sale Now” banner outside a retail location is designed to attract shoppers.
  • Purpose – What is the sign for? Is it to direct people to the business’ offices or is to raise brand awareness?
  • Image - a law firm typically wants to project a conservative, stable image, while an advertising agency will want a more creative, even whacky, image.
  • Restrictions – Check any restrictions that the local authority may have put on sign sizes and colours etc. You can get information on sign ordinances by calling the building or permitting department of the local authority.


  1. I agree. No matter what type of business you have, signs will increase brand awareness and help your business become successful.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I have to agree as well. The best signs should be a reflection of the personality and branding of your business. They should be highly visible, eye-catching, energy-efficient and durable.
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