Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Telemarketing and Breaking the Code

Companies need to ensure their telesales and telemarketing techniques abide by the DMA Code of Practice, or risk a damaged reputation. Consumer data must be protected and leads must be obtained in an ethical manner through companies like http://www.seawavemedia.com/

Telesales and telemarketing can be intrusive if done poorly, alienating customers and causing upset. The Direct Marketing Association regulates contact centres ensuring they comply to the DMA's Code of Practice. And to achieve the stamp of approval from the Direct Marketing Association, members need to complete the Annual Member Compliance Forms. The telemarketing agency Wye Marketing based in Hereford however did not hand in their compliance forms for the year ending 31 December 2007. As a result, the telemarketing company's membership to the Direct Marketing Association (UK) has been terminated.

Telesales and Telemarketing Industry Abide by the Code

James Kelly, the managing director of the Direct Marketing Association underlined the importance of telelmarketing and telesales firms to complete the annual compliance form: “Our Code of Practice is the cornerstone in our efforts to build and maintain political, commercial and consumer faith in direct marketing.” It's vital telemarketing companies therefore show they are abiding by the Code by completing the annual compliance forms.

Wye Marketing Telemarketing Group's Membership Terminated

Being expelled from the DMA UK could be damaging for a telesales company. Wye Marketing were given 'every opportunity' to complete the compliance paperwork. But the company failed to respond to requests to complete the forms. The Direct Marketing Commission then reviewed this potential breach of the Code of Practice. After giving the telemarketing group two more chances to submit the forms, as well as sending out a final letter, the DMA finally decided to terminate the telemarketing group's membership.

Compliance to the Code

Compliance to the Code demonstrates to the telemarketing industry that practitioners are meeting the highest standards (outlined by the Code) when it comes to their direct marketing activities. Non-compliance is taken seriously and the expulsion of the Wye Marketing telesales group was hoped to send out a message to the industry. Matti Alderson, chairman of the Direct Marketing Commission said that compliance to the DMA Code is a, “prerequisite of responsible business practice.”

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