Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Prevent Breakdowns with a Stress Free Guide to Printer Maintenance

If you are looking for affordable printers or parts, the chances are your printer has broken down. This can be detrimental to a company and can be the cause of unnecessary costs. Here is a guide to avoiding future breakdowns by keeping your printers in tip top shape.
Regular maintenance under a printer lease with companies like Paragon Document Solutions can help to prolong the life of your printers; here are three tips to keep your printers in top working order.

Printer jams-If you are experiencing printer jams on a regular basis, there could be a number of reasons for this. Many printers are often in need of repair due to the inability to handle a paper jam. Paper jams can be avoided in many cases simply by reading about your printer. Often the wrong size paper is used or it is being fed into the printer incorrectly. If a paper jam does occur, try turning off the power and switching it on again before you attempt to remove the paper. If this does not work, attempt to remove the paper with care and be careful not to use too much force.
Don’t dry out-If your printer is performing poorly it could be because the ink is drying out. However, there are ways to stop this from happening and you can do this simply by using your printer on a regular basis.
Cleaning-In order to ensure your printer is performing well you must clean it on a regular basis. Make sure the exterior is free from dust and particles as this can affect the print quality.

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