Thursday, 2 August 2012

What to look for in a phone answering service

An increasing number of businesses are choosing phone answering services to field some or even all of their calls, before clients are passed on to the appropriate agent.

There are some significant advantages to this if you find the right service, so here is what you should look out for:

24/7 phone answering service
Making your company accessible 24 hours a day could increase sales and enquiries hugely and there are firms offering this as a service for you.

Calls directed properly
Make sure calls get put through to the correct people as part of a great customer service experience and to increase the efficiency of your business.

Never miss a call
With an answering service you can ensure that your firm never misses a call – ever.

Excellent customer service
A phone answering service can help improve your customer service standards and this in turn should bring in more clients.

If you are interested in a call handling and phone answering service follow this link for more information on the benefits.


  1. Hi thanks for the information. I'm currently starting up a business where I'm in need of an answering service provider. I was told by a colleague of mine that
    Answering Service was a great and cost effective option. I would appreciate a second opinion though. Cheers!

  2. yes i agreed , and every company is now aware from benefit of telephone answering services that why every company hiring the professionals for this service .
    and they are earning more by providing this facility to the customers .
    and a professional know better how to handle the customer properly .

  3. Everyone must consider this especially if they are dealing with numerous calls every day. You couldn’t just let your company lose potential customers and money because of a bad provider. It is important that you look for the best operator answering service that can give all your customers the satisfaction that they deserve.

  4. A good call operator is always courteous and well-mannered. This is a quality that can diffuse disgruntled callers, and will be good in giving the customers a homey “feel.” An operator who can troubleshoot problems and answer inquiries well is definitely an asset to the company.

    Ruby Chelmsford

  5. “Never miss a call”--- This is very important since you’ll never know what this call is all about. Missing a call could also mean a lost opportunity. With a simple call, you can pursue a new client or make a sale, so be sure that you can entertain every call that comes your way.

    Deana Varney

  6. I agree with Deana! The lost opportunity in a missed call can be considered a waste of sale or a client. The pointers here must be given focus and priority to those businesses engaged in the virtual office, so that their income will continuously rise. In addition to that, there must be excellent customer service so as to build the good relationship between your products/services to your clients.

    [ Clayton Steadham ]

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  8. Another thing to consider when availing a good phone answering services is that the rates are easy on your pocket too.

  9. I never thought to look for so many things in a call service. I can understand why each one of these listed are so important. They really can make a big difference if they are in the company. I'll have to look into these when hiring a call company. I think it would help me find the best one out there.

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