Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Customer Complaints and Mis-Selling to come under the Microscope

Obviously, mis-selling a product is an extremely serious offence and it is important that contact centres do all they can to avoid customer complaints stemming from the mis-selling of a product. Consumer watchdogs are clamping down on mis-selling in 2012. Call answering services that are informative could save you from hefty lawsuits by automatically relaying vital information to your customers.

Obviously, there are many circumstances that can lead to customer complaints and it is important to take all these complaints seriously, which is why various watchdogs across the UK are really beginning to clamp down on the mis-selling practices which are often found in many forms of business. According to a report from Ofcom, the one thing that led to more customer complaints than anything else in recent months was when a customer was changed to an alternative supplier without the knowledge or permission and this led to around 1,000 complaints per month over the last year and this is obviously an unacceptable volume of customer complaints. As such, watchdogs such as Ofcom have made it a priority to clean up the industry and make mis-selling of products a thing of the past. It goes without saying that customer complaints are justified if they receive false or deliberately misleading information from contact centres whilst purchasing products or setting up accounts.

Customer Complaints – Setting up Guidelines

It goes without saying that the overriding aim of watchdogs is to protect the rights of consumers and to ensure that customer complaints are dealt with seriously. One industry where customer complaints are fairly commonplace and which is being carefully monitored by watchdogs is the mobile phone industry and the introduction of a number of new guidelines are hoped to help stem the number of customer complaints pertaining to this industry. Ofcom have recently unveiled a new set of governing rules that have been designed and implemented with the intention of preventing misleading sales practices from taking place with the mobile phone industry.

Customer Complaints – Keeping Tabs of Mobile Phone Companies

The new legislation laid down by Ofcom with regard to the amount of customer complaints stemming from the mobile phone industry now means that communication companies are now responsible for keeping much better track of their customer interactions as this will allow for a much easier understanding of those businesses which commonly engage in mis-selling and give rise to customer complaints. It is hoped that before long the new monitoring and recording procedures demanded by Ofcom within the mobile phone industry will begin to yield results in terms of reducing the amount of customer complaints and stamping out mis-selling once and for all.

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